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Game summary: Sat 12 May 11:00 AM

Red Sox4

Reds Get by Red Sox for 4th Win

The Reds got their 4th win behind key hits and strong pitching. Jackson Emery hit a two-out RBI triple in the third inning and later scored to give the Reds an early lead. The Red Sox came right back in the bottom of the third with a hit from Vaughn LaFleur who came in to score on an Izaya Bullins' base hit. Will Hill and Dane Mulverhill also had RBI hits in the frame. The Reds then got a key bullpen performance from Willem Thurber who would shut out the Red Sox over the final three innings. Reds Jett Emery and Sam Tainter added to the Reds lead in the later innings. Emery hit an RBI double in the fourth inning and Tainter had a base hit and scored a run in the fifth.

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