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Game summary: Sat 10 Jun 1:00 PM

Red Sox17

Henry, Hill, and Corbeil Push Red Sox Past Mets

RHP/SS Sam Henry and SS/RHP Will combined on a two-hitter as the Red Sox rolled past the Mets. At the plate, Henry had a hit and scored a run. Hill had two hits, two RBI, and three runs scored. CF Cody Corbeil went 2-3 with his second home run of the season. C Harper Cutler continued to score runs from the leadoff spot as he crossed the plate three times on two walks and a double. 2B Ben Berg, 2B Skylar Kuhn, and RF Noah Perusse also had base hits for the Sox. The Mets got hits from RHP/SS Evan Wright and C Will Miskovich. Miskovich's hit was a double that knocked in two runs.

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