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Game summary: Wed 06 Jun 5:30 PM

Red Sox11

Sargent Lifts Sox to Win

The Red Sox got their fourth win of the season with an 11-5 victory over the Reds. Red Sox first baseman Wyatt Sargent went 2-4 with three RBI to lead the offense. Harper Cutler scored three runs and pitched 3 scoreless innings to secure the victory. The Red Sox also benefited from strong infield play from Will Hill (3B), Noah Perusse (2B), and Ben Berg (SS). At the plate, Hill scored twice and Perusse hit an RBI single. Berg went 1-3 with two runs scored. First year players Vaughn LaFleur and Henry Schwartz each had base hits. The Reds got a strong start from Jackson Emery and an amazing catch from Lucas Stolpp. Jackson tossed 3 1/3 innings and struck out eight. Stolpp made one of the finest plays of the season when he dove in center field to take away a double. The Reds struggled offensively but Sam Tainter hit a double and scored. Nolan Chisholm and Nick Fortier also had base hits.

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