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Who is eligible to play in Brattleboro's Little League?

Players need to be 9 to 12 years old. Little League recently changed the cut-off dates, so check with the League for specifics about early year birthdays. A chart of league ages can be found here. Players must live in Brattleboro, Dummerston, Putney, Newfane, Vernon, Guilford, Halifax, or Marlboro. Students attending school in Brattleboro can also play but must submit a form from their school documenting their enrollment. Other neighboring towns may be included in the future. All Little League forms can be found here:

How do I register my child?

Registration happens in the Spring, usually in late March. A parent or guardian must fill out a form and provide proof of birth date. Previously registered players need to re-register but they do not have to tryout if they have been drafted onto a team in previous years. Players remain on the team they were on. All new players must tryout and this usually occurs on the last weekend in March in the Brattleboro Union High School gym. There is a $60 fee each year to participate in the league. Details on when and where sign-ups will occur will be available on this website and the Brattleboro Little League Facebook page before the season starts.

How do I become a coach?

Teams are always in need of more coaching help, even if you know nothing about baseball! Starting as an assistant when your kid is younger will train you to be a coach or even a manager when they get older. Let your team's coaches know you would like to help, and they'll let you know how. If you would like to manage, talk to David Cyr or Scott Smyth. You can also send an email to or The player registration form has a check box to indicate you would like to volunteer. There are other ways to help the League besides coaching: field maintenance, concessions, press box, and/or team parents. Community service credit is available to local high school students who volunteer with the League. Contact your team or the League to find out more.

How do I become an umpire?

Brattleboro Little League relies on volunteer adult and youth umpires. Check off the volunteer box on the player registration form if your child plays in the league. Please speak to League Umpire-in-Chief David Emery Sr. if you’re interested in umpiring. Scott Smyth, Dave Cyr or any of the coaches can get you started as well. If you do not have a child in the league, you are more than welcome to volunteer and are encouraged to do so. Volunteer umpiring is a huge help to our league, and an important part of the game. Community service credit is available to local high school students who umpire. David Emery Sr. organizes the league’s umpires and holds offseason meetings beginning in January to familiarize all umpires with new and old rules alike. Additionally, the league sends umpires to offseason umpire clinics every year, and BLL will pay to send you for the training.

Always remember that umpiring is very hard, and the people doing it are volunteers. Mistakes will be made, and abuse of umpires is strictly forbidden. Anyone abusing an umpire will be asked to leave the field.

How do I find out if a game is rained out?

How do I find out if a game is rained out? Game and practice cancellation is the job of the team managers involved in consultation with the grounds crew. They will usually decide a few hours before the event if it can go forward. Teams will notify their families as they are able to. Some will use phone, some text messaging, and some email. Any information sent to will be posted to the website (on the homepage's current day event section) as soon as it is received. Rainout information will also be provided on the League’s Facebook group page.

When does the season start and end?

Tryouts are generally held on the last weekend in March. Practices usually begin in April, as soon as fields are available. Games start near the beginning of May, usually the last Monday in April. The regular season goes into the middle of June, near the High School graduation weekend, with approximately 16 total League games per team. Your individual team may choose to have practices until the end of the season. Tournament teams are chosen at the end of the season. Three tournament teams (ages 10, 11, and 12) are chosen and play through July. Players on the tournament teams need to commit being available for the whole month of July. As of 2017, the 10/11 team will play a state tournament and have the chance to advance to a regional tournament held in Beverly, Massachusetts. For the 11/12 team, the New England regional tournament takes place in Bristol, Connecticut in early August with winners advancing to the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. No team from Vermont has ever advanced to South Williamsport but we are confident that this will happen quite soon.

Who works the concession stand?

It is up to the home team for each game to find two parents to run the snack shack for each game. Each parent should volunteer at least once or twice, not having the same parent do it every time unless they prefer.

Are dogs allowed at the field?

Dogs are not permitted at the Brattleboro Little League Field. With so many kids running around, it is best not to expect dogs to behave perfectly in such a chaotic environment.

Where are the fields located?

Information on all BLL fields is available on the Field page.

What are the pitch count limits?

Little League has a set of rules that govern pitching amounts. A player, ages 11-12, may pitch 85 pitches per day, ages 9-10, 75 pitches per day.

Pitches thrownDays rest required
66 or more4
51 - 653
36 - 502
21 - 351
0 - 200

Major League Baseball's has a set of rules for how much players can pitch from 9 to 12 at their PitchSmart page.

Remember that pitches thrown outside of games COUNT TOWARDS THE LIMITS OF WHAT IS HEALTHY FOR YOUR KIDS! It is the responsibility of the parents, players and coaches to work together to determine if a player has gone past their limits, whereever the pitches were made.

How many practices and games are there in a typical week?

The exact amount of practices depends on the team's managers. Ask them for their practice schedule. Usually there are only one or two games per week but teams may practice more than that.

Which divisions have tryouts?

Little League has tryouts. Any player not making a Little League team can play for in the Small Fry league run by the Brattleboro Recreation and Parks Department through age nine.

How do I find out more about BLL's tournament teams?

Teams are picked through player voting and coach selection in the final week of the season. A tournament team is picked for ages 11 and 12, and a separate team for ages 9 and 10. There may be an additional team for age 10 and 11, if there is interest and enough players. The 11/12 team will compete in Little League's Tournament system, 10/11 up to the regional level, and 9/10 up to the State level. Managers for these teams are chosen from regular season managers and coaches. Managers then choose their assistants from coaches in the league. A team may only field three coaches total, although others may help at practices and off the field.

Team practice schedule is up to the manager of the team. Once the team is picked, they will contact players about the schedule. Since we play Bennington in the District round every year, about half of those seven games will be in Brattleboro, and about half in Bennington. If our team wins that round, then games may be much further away in Northern regions of the state. If you think that your player will not be available for LL post-season play, please let the League know at the end of the regular season, so we can pick the most competitive team available.

Where can I find out about additional playing opportunities such as Fall Ball, summer camps and leagues for teenagers?

BLL's B3 program is designed specifically to provide more playing time for Little League players. The B3 Winter camp provides indoor skills training before playing outside is an option. B3 has also run Sunday pick-up games during the season, travel teams after the LL season is over, and may add a second season.

For 8 and 9, or for those who need basic baseball training, the Recreation Department provides Small Fry Baseball. For players older than 12, they may play for the area's Middle School teams, and/or the Babe Ruth League.

Veteran baseball coach Al Libardoni runs the Brattleboro Area Baseball Camp at the Brattleboro Union High School’s Tenney Field in late June. The camp is open to Little League age players (Al’s phone number: 802.257.4203). Registration details will be made available in May of each season.

A fall ball league doesn’t currently exist in Brattleboro but there are opportunities in nearby Keene, New Hampshire.

What bats can players use?

Click here for the latest information on Little League baseball bat requirements. Any bat a player uses should say "USA Baseball".

What is the sponsorship policy?

Outfield signs can be arranged through Scott Smyth or Dave Cyr. Other sponsorship opportunities exist. Outfield signs have an initial cost of $250 or $300 (with design service) and are $100/year after that. Sponsors can choose to make their own signs or the league can have one designed for an additional fee. Vinyl banners are required for the safety of our players and the ease of storing them in the offseason. If interested, please send an email to or

What if my player doesn't have the necessary equipment?

The league has a collection of equipment for players who may not have what they need to play. Equipment includes gloves and shoes. Helmets and catcher's equipment are provided by the team. Contact your team or the League. Donations of equipment are very welcome. Please don't throw out old gloves or cleats when your player outgrows them, we can use them!

How do I get gloves repaired, or sell old equipment?

Some coaches have glove repair expertise, ask around. The league also can supply used gloves (as well as cleats) on a limited basis. Some parents have gone to Lance Cutler, in Hinsdale, who sells, repairs and refurbishes baseball gloves. He also has wholesalers he works with where he can sell gloves for very good prices. Check out his Facebook page at Glove Handles. Suggestions for other options can be mailed to the website for inclusion here.

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